Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi to all the 2013 FRIENDS SWAPPERS

Thanks for joining us this year.

I have sent emails to everybody with their partners details.

Please respond to me to let me know that you have received it.

One import thing that keeps this swap a good swap is "communication" between each other. Please respond to mine and your partners emails. If we have a problem contacting you, I will withdraw you from the swap.

Now the fun begins....stalk your partner and check out their blog...get to know each other. Find out what they like and don't like. 

Most of all, ENJOY getting to know your new friend!

 Barbara S, I have had no luck getting a response from you. I am wondering if my emails are going to your spam/junk mail folder. I haven't given you a partner because of this but if I have a late comer and we can fix this issue I will partner you up.


shez said...

have fun girls.xx

De said...

This is such a fantastic swap and I made a life long friend from it last year. Unfortunately my time constraints for this month meant I had to sit it out. Enjoy everyone.

Sue Niven said...

Hi Khris Just letting you know that my partner Illene received the package i sent to her and she loved it. Thank you for hosting this swap, I had fun.


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