Saturday, July 27, 2013


Welcome Friendly Bloggers. I am hosting another round of the popular FRIENDS swap and I do so hope many of you will come and swap with us. So many of the previous swappers have made and kept good friends from this swap. I know I have.

We will be swapping Seven (7) gifts using the letters of the word FRIENDS. This is open to all crafty bloggers with a current up-to-date blog....Quilters, sewers, scrappers, etc.

So one gift for each word will be sent. These 7 gifts will be your choices. Choices you will make once you get your partner and and the questionnaire they complete to help you choose what they would like. These gifts can be handmade or brought.

Examples might be:

F - Fabric, fat quarters, felt, felted needlebook or something else felted, friends mini photo/scrap album
R - Ric Rac, Ribbons, Red fabric, Rose candles or hand cream, Rub-ons for scrappers, Reading items, Recipe Book
I - Ink pads, Inches (maybe a taper measure or quilting ruler), Indigenous theme, Indigo coloured item,
E - Egg Cup, Envelopes (personsalised), Ear-rings, Englebreit fabric, Embroidery,
N - Notions, Needles, Needlecase, Notebook,
D - Dark Chocolate, die cut letters for scrappers, doll, diary, drink/mug rug,
S - Sewing thread, Sewing case, Scrapbooking paper, Something Special, Scissors/fob, Scarf, Soap, Socks

The list is never ending and only up to your imagination and what you think your partner would love.

There are rules like any other swap. Please do not sign up unless you can honour the swap as we do not want to disappoint anybody. There will be plenty of time to do this swap.

Closing date to sign up is the 4
th of August 2013 (Australia).  

The final day to post your swap to your partner will be 2nd of September 2013.

Four weeks is plenty of time to get organised and think of great goodies for your partner. 

PLEASE MAKE CONTACT WITH YOUR PARTNER ON A REGULAR BASIS!  If your partner contacts me to let me know they are having no success with contact I will withdraw you from the swap and assign them another partner.

Now to cover Swap Etiquette.This is about setting standards.

What's the difference?

Bad ones are usually late, if they arrive at all. They seem to be put together without any thought for what their partner would like or dislike. Random bits of anything found from around the house or maybe even items meant for the rubbish bin but re-gifted to fulfill their swap commitment.

Good ones are usually on time, if not early, wrapped in tissue, if not wrapping paper, so that it feels like care was taken. Even a tea bag or a chocolate bar becomes special when wrapped.

As soon as you are notified with your swap partner’s information - it is polite to email each other and get to know each other more if you don’t already know each other. Don’t be afraid to talk about the things you like or dislike and discuss things like favorite colors.

If you are a good swap partner then you will go investigate your partners Blog, and look for clues as to what they may enjoy receiving from you.

If you are a bad swap partner you won't take the time and are just going to give what you want and hope it's enough or that they will like it

*If you don't want to give - Don't do the swap.

*If you don't have the time- Don't do the swap.

Swap Unto Others Like You Would Have Them Swap Unto You. Yes, it's as simple as that.

The Golden Rule!

Communicate- if you are going to be late then please email me and your partner and tell us - once the Due Date has come and gone and they are left sad and lonely by their forlorn and empty mailbox it's TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE!!! Please respond to emails sent to you by myself or your partner. That is just good manners and courteous.

Most people will forgive you and will be relieved to know that you are going to give them something. Now, of course there are variables - you may have a legitimate reason for being late. There is nothing sadder or more disappointing than not getting your swap package.

IF YOU DISHONOUR YOUR OBLIGATIONS I WILL "NAME AND SHAME YOU". Dishonouring your obligation is JUST NOT ON!!! There will be no tolerance for anybody shirking their commitment.

Please Email me and your partner so they know you have received their gift as soon as possible. This is just common courtesy.

If you wish to join the swap, Please Email me answering the following questions:



Email Address:

Blog Address:

Colours you like:

Colours you dislike:

Do you eat sweets, candy, chocolate:

Do you drink tea, coffee, alcohol:

Are you allergic to anything:

What sort of crafting do you do:

Do you collect anything in particular or like something in particular:

What is your "style" eg. country, prim, modern, funky, fresh, crisp, vintage, shabby chic:

Do you want to post overseas:

Have you joined this swap in previous years and if yes, who was/were your partners:

This will help so I don't partner you up again with the same person ;-)

Please feel free to snag the graphic and put it up on your blog. Share the love! This is a fun swap that we have enjoyed.


Michell said...

Yay!! Just sent you an email

Cheryll said...

Oh-La-La... I'm in again. Just sent an email too :)

Melanie said...

Looks interesting :) I've just e-mailed you. xxx

stitcheranon said...

I'm emailing you now...I'm generally trustworthy re exchanges...found you through Michell xxxxx

Chris H said...

Not for me sadly... I would be LATE as hell! Good luck to everyone, and have fun.

shez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katrien said...

I have send you an email.
Thanks for organising again.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I had so much fun playing along last year and I would love to play again this year. I have just sent you an email. hugs

sunny said...

I would love to play along this year. Would you consider emailing me? I can't use your link because I don't have Outlook on my computer.

Beeshebags said...

Is the list for the swap correct? Some peoples names seem to be appearing multiple times...does that mean they're doing more than one, or Blogger's had a brain fart?


cucki said...

aww so much fun..i am off to email you.
love cucki x

ColourFly said...

PLEASE, can you send me an e-mail at Thank you very much! (I can't read your adresse because I have no mail program.....).
Greetings from Germany,

Wendy B said...

sending you an email Khris.......oooh goody!!!! can't wait! xox

Wendy B said...

sending you an email Khris.......oooh goody!!!! can't wait! xox

Lanette said...

Good Morning Khris......Soooo enjoyed this swap the last time....looking forward to joining again. Just sent you an email :0)

Elyte said...

Sorry Khris, can't make the commitment this year. Will keep an eye out for all the lovely swap gifts.


PLEASE, can you send me an e-mail at joyblonde at ? Thank you very much! (I can't read your adresse because I have no mail program.....).
Greetings from Italy,

Donna Coppin said...

Hi Khris

I emailed you yesterday and I am looking forward to being a part of the swap. I hope you got my info okay, don't see my name yet!


Anorina (Samelias Mum) said...

I just sent my email. Looking forward to it :)

Wendy said...

Sent you an email...

Cheryl said...

Kris do I just scrape in - would love to join your swap if I can. Can't email you from your blog though

Gail said...

I am sorry I'm too late to share in all the fun!!! Hopefully, next time!!!


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